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If your child has an English name, please enter it here.

Please enter your child’s name in pinyin in capital case if he/she is a Chinese passport holder. For example,李小明 should be entered as LI XIAOMING. Use a space between the family name and the first name.
中国籍申请人请输入学生名字大写拼音。不要输入汉字。如: "李小明“的拼音为 LI XIAOMING, 姓氏和名字中间需要空格。

Please fill the student’s name in Chinese Character, If applicable. 请填写学生的中文姓名,如适用。

男 Male / 女 Female

ID Number or Passport ID 身份证号码或护照号码

Mainland Chinese applicant only/仅限中国大陆学生填写

Please enter the Shenzhen district where your child currently studies. If the school is outside Shenzhen, please enter the city. If outside China, enter the country.

Language Information 语言情况

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Father 父亲 ,Mother 母亲, Grandfather 祖父/外祖父, Grandmother 祖母/外祖母, Stepfather 继父,Stepmother 继母, Other 其他

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Work Information 工作信息

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Additional Information 其他信息
Health Information 健康信息

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Date: Jul 10, 2020