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Admissions policy:  

The King’s School Shenzhen International is a co-educational international school for pupils aged up to 18 of all nationalities. The Pre-Prep section for children aged below 6 has opened in September 2019, and the Main School, which will include the Primary and Middle sections for children aged 6-13, will open soon.

The King’s School Shenzhen International is the first overseas branch of The King’s School, Canterbury, which was established 1400 years ago. The King’s School is known for its academic and co-curricular excellence, and we are keen to identify students who will benefit from our balanced and all-round education, and who will make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

We are currently accepting applications for entry into Pre-K, K1, K2, K3 and Grades 1-7 for entry, and we accept applicants of all nationalities.

Please refer to the table below to see which year group your child should apply for.

Year Group Age Date of Birth
Pre-K 小小班 2 - 3 1st Sep. 2017 – 31st Aug 2018
K1 小班 3 - 4 1st Sep. 2016 – 31st Aug 2017
K2 中班 4 - 5 1st Sep. 2015 – 31st Aug 2016
K3 大班 5 - 6 1st Sep. 2014 – 31st Aug 2015
1-7年级(In preparation
6 - 13 1st Sep. 2007 – 31st Aug 2014